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compassion in action for our people on the street

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A 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, the Nomad Alliance is a group of concerned citizens working together with private and public partners to end homelessness and proffer hope, by providing warmth, nourishment, shelter, employment, healing, legal aid, connection and advocacy to the chronically unsheltered (nomad) population.


We are a one-stop mobile resource for the chronically unsheltered in Salt Lake County. Our bi-monthly and monthly supply drives offer everything from clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals to haircuts, hot showers, legal and online support. Our historic mass DMV appointments and free ID vouchers obtain necessary identification so people can get jobs, stimulus checks, or apply for housing and medicaid services. Our empowerment workshops, currently suspended until we find a new weekly host, gifted mental health tools and self defense knowledge to connect, heal and strengthen our nomads' belief in themselves. Our employment assistance gifts nomads the self-sufficiency and income to get permanently off the streets. Our micro-home initiative, currently suspended until zoning laws change, showed Salt Lake City that housing people can be easier, cheaper and more successful than anyone has thought. Our Sexy Nomad Calendar gifts nomads the chance to be seen, while also earning small stipends. Our detox kits of vitamins, hydration and snacks have helped dozens of people get off meth, heroin and spice. And our ability to pivot to the needs of the individual has fostered dogs and puppies or stored bicycle parts for bike entrepreneurs so people have one less thing to stress about while getting on their feet. We've found housing in days for an unsheltered woman and her newly born infant, and obtained donations of all the baby's needs. We've been character witnesses that freed our nomads from prison that day. We've gifted 3,000 meals from Waste Less Solutions in one afternoon. And so much more!


Donate to support Nomad Alliance and help us enact change for the lives of the unsheltered.

Volunteer with Nomad Alliance
and positively impact the unsheltered population of Northern Utah.

Thanks for volunteering with us!

Next Supply Drive
April 2, 3pm-6pm @ Greyhound, SLC
Sorting Supplies, 12pm-3pm @ Uptown Security Storage

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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a project of gorgeous men, staring the world in the eyes, demanding that it sees them. regardless of our circumstance, we all have value, and deserve attraction, admiration and respect. 

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“I couldn’t understand why you guys were so helpful and kind and caring because I was homeless. Nobody helped us. Everybody looked at us like we were trash. You guys still saw us as people.”


Megan Mohn was one of the first who took advantage of all our services, but she became a landmate, friend, and sister.
She was making it.

But domestic violence, instability in housing and a police who see the unsheltered as subhuman was stacked against her. The coroner ruled her death homicide caused by what happened while she was in police custody.

To learn about Megan, and how we can all unite to reform this broken system,



Tel. 801-688-3197


FB Page: Nomad Alliance


Utah County: 11056 N. Manor Drive, Highland, UT 84003

South Jordan: 11746 Pale Moon Lane, South Jordan

West Valley: 4662 W. Harbor St. WVC, UT 84120

Midvale: 8317 S. Wilson St. Unit #3, Midvale, UT 84047

Centerville: 372 W. 1600 N.

Centerville UT



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