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Homeless Since

off and on since 16, constantly for last 4 years






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Originally from Ogden, 8ight, pronounced eight, has been homeless for four years since his parole was terminated and he got fired, but he’s been homeless off and on since he was 16. His childhood was traumatic, with childhood sexual assault by a babysitter when he was just two; 8ight has been locked up on and off since he was 14, and in gangs since he was 8. A father of a two and six year old, he barely knows any family, though he came to Salt Lake City with his wife who has since left him. 8ight struggles with his mental health, plagued by social anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADHD. His biggest hurdle to get off the streets is, ironically, housing itself. He yearns for a place to rest his head, to get off the streets and stabilize and get off dope. He’d like a cannabis card so he can detox and get over his addiction, and wants to find a job in warehouse or landscaping. He’s lost much of his hope, he says, but he dreams of having a family and a home, and wants to start a business using one of his brilliant ideas. The rapper will be performing at our Nomad Talent Showcase on Nov. 30th.

My million dollar ideas have million dollar ideas.

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