11 massive drives and counting since 12/12

12/12 Origins

how it began

A 24-hour call to action resulted in one truckload of donations to Camp Last Hope, the most help a nomad said she had ever seen gifted to her community.

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12 Cars & Counting

trunk or treat

What began as one truckload of supplies donated with a 24-hour fb call to action, became 12 car/truckloads in another 48, and since we have had 11 Sunday drives and a Christmas Eve gift giving event, and the truck or treat of tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, hygeine and a hot meal is only growing! 

Feed Every Nomad


On 1/31 we endeavored to feed every nomad settlement. Thanks to donations from Great Harvest, the Iglesia de Cristo En Utah Ministerios Llamada Final and private donors, and eight volunteer teams serving eight nomad settlements we fed an estimated 300 unsheltered living on the streets!






We have recently placed a young man raised in the foster care system who dropped out from school at 17 in quality paying employment with the potential to be trained in the trade of welding! We are also working to employ other nomads with mechanical, carpentry and other skills.


Employment and Self Defense Workshops

We held a one-day workshop in self defense, meditation and employment skills at State Street Boxing on 2/4 for 8 nomads, primarily from the youth camp. Several afterward mentioned their future looks brighter, and one is ready to get clean and move on to the next beautiful chapter of her life!


Nomadic Mechanic

The Nomad Alliance is working with Don, a mechanic practicing for 40 years, to deliver his services directly to your driveway. He has performed oil changes, fixed timing belts, diagnosed cars, fixed alternators and so much more. Contact us at or text 801-688-3197 to schedule his services!





It has become clear the homeless crisis is only growing and current solutions are not working. We have advocated our local government to think of other solutions, settling on a tiny house settlement as the priority given the displacement of the abatements is only further traumatizing a traumatized population. The Nomad Alliance has publicly commented during multiple city council meetings, and were honored when Salt Lake City Council Chair Amy Fowler joined our nomad supply drive on 2/7. We are actively working with the city mayor's office, state leadership and other city council members to promote a better way. 

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Tiny Nomad House Village GoFundMe

The Nomad Alliance in partnership with the Village Cooperative have worked to identify and research the costs of a tiny house village with a permaculture focus and a workshop space to employ and apprentice nomads. We are working with a local carpenter who has successfully built tiny homes for the homeless. We have launched a tax-deductible GoFundMeCharity fundraiser to make this a reality for the Salt Lake County unsheltered! Please donate HERE.


In Memory of Brandy: Brandy's Village

The Nomad Alliance had supported the nomads at Darin Mann's Village Camp since the camp's inception on private property in Fairpark. The tragic passing of one of the nomads on the self-proclaimed "sanctuary" while keeping warm on a cold winter night has spurred the Village Cooperative and the Nomad Alliance to unite for a permanent solution which would house and warm the nomads so deaths from CO2 poisoning are forever prevented. In memory of Brandy DeGarmo the tiny nomad village will be called Brandy's Village. 

We have launched a GoFundMeCharity drive to raise money for her funeral costs. Please donate HERE.