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Sexy Nomad Calendar

A Nomad Alliance endeavor to raise money, and show that every human deserves attraction, admiration, praise. 


See them, with us.


And marvel at the human form.

Please purchase a 2024 Nomad Alliance Sexy Nomad Calendar, filled with breathtaking and pulse-raising photos, and read the stories behind the handsome faces living a life many of us can't imagine, but a fate which could befall each and any one of us.


Why a calendar?

Every face has a story, and every face deserves to be seen.


Just because someone may live in deplorable conditions, sleeping on the streets, in a backroom of a boxing gym, on a rooftop, or in a shelter, doesn't mean that person doesn't deserve admiration, attraction, and respect. The homeless are often overlooked, rarely glanced at, spoken to, or treated like the beautiful human beings that they are. We wish to change this paradigm.

Half of all calendar profits will go to support the work of the Nomad Alliance. Half will be split evenly amongst our 12 models, all handsome men living sans adequate shelter, the poorest of our society.

But aren't they beautiful?

Please join us as we celebrate beauty, and the stories of stumbling only to right oneself back up. Help us help these stunning souls receive that helping hand through our work, through your support, and perhaps, even with a modeling contract.

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Each calendar month comes with QR code for every model's personal page where you can read their full story, see all the pictures from their modeling shoots, watch videos of their skills and talents, hire them for modeling work, or donate to them or their projects directly. Check out Giovanni's page HERE.

Meet The 2022 Models

Please note that the below pictures are not the ones featured in the calendar.
11 professionally taken and edited breath-taking photos will only be seen by the supporters who receive their calendar gift. 

Pre-order your calendar today!

Join the Nomad Alliance as $40 Level Supporter and Receive Sexy Nomad Calendar 

Thank you to the calendar sponsors

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Please click here for sponsorship levels and recognition benefits or contact Kseniya at 801-688-3197 if you'd like
to sponsor the printing of our Sexy Nomad Calendar!

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