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Homeless Since

Since he was 9, off and on




Navajo reservation, New Mexico


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Born in the summertime, on the Navajo reservation in the deserts of Gallup, New Mexico, AJ chose his birthdate when he enrolled in school. When he was around nine years old, he left home to go to Woodstock, lost his brother on the second day, and didn’t reunite with his family for 11 years. “I’ve been running wild ever since.” Helped by a woman he met at Hell’s Kitchen who took him in, and later the community he met living on the Mississippi river, he “learned how to survive out in the world.  I’ve done more and seen more than most people ever will. Today most people are afraid of living life .” He traveled the country and the world, jumping from box car to box car, or hitchhiking with truckers, “who would pick you up guaranteed. ”An Ironworker for 34 years, he lived in hotels all over, in China, Japan, Hawaii, and Russia, visiting the Bahamas seven times. He’s slept on the streets of SLC. “I’m in my second childhood!” he exclaims, childlike and wise, withered and optimistic.

"Insert Luke quote here."


“I’ve buried both my kids and my wives, I’m totally alone. I’m in my second childhood not worrying about nothing cause, I’ve got nothing to worry about. I love it out here. I can do what I want.” The current system is “bull$hit. It’s all about money. All these programs with people [that have never been there]... You can’t just read it out of a book. You gotta live that life and know what it’s about to save humanity.” He believes the government should create apartments and help with jobs. “Give us a hand up, not a hand out. Do something. Give us jobs, build us up, let us start doing our own thing. Then we realize, we doing this, this is working. The end is gonna work out all right. We’re stronger than anybody ever gave us credit for. We’re still alive and you’re never gonna get rid of us. Can’t run us out and can’t make us run. We’re there forever.” He’s currently in jail for a parole violation and asked for a calendar to be sent to him. The Alliance will be picking him up in Price in late January to bring him back home. “At least I’m not out there sleeping in the cold.”

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