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Salt Lake City, UT


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The oldest of four children reared by a single parent, Bobby was traumatized by a childhood of poverty. But rather than succumb, he has turned tribulation into a strength by charitably sharing what he has with anyone in need. Felony convictions, mental health disabilities and people turning their backs on him has led him to the streets and kept him on them. He’s a jack of all trades, an auto mechanic, and loves fishing and the outdoors. While he had some dreams a long time ago, he now lives day by day.

"A lot of people turned their backs to me."


The oldest of four kids, with two younger sisters, Bobby didn't know who his father was till he was 12. He was raised by his mother, a seamstress and stay at home parent.

He has a felony conviction and mental health disabilities which hinder his ability to get off the streets.

Bobby is a jack of all trades, and likes to do a bit of everything, from fishing and enjoying the outdoors to working on cars as an auto mechanic. 

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