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Sexy Nomad Calendar

Homeless Since

3 months


Compton/Long Beach, California




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DeShaun “Braggz” Knight, a skilled barber, was born in Compton, California, and had been homeless for three months upon being invited to participate in the calendar shoot. He followed his older brother to Utah after a series of unfortunate events led to him losing his employment. Known on the streets to have a gentle and kind demeanor, he loves to sing, rap and share his music and also likes to write. He loves cutting the hair of the members of his community and giving them a fresh look. He dreams of having his own barbershop one day. Braggz was about to be hired for a mobile barber service when he was jailed for alleged assault with a knife. And while there are those on the streets who will testify that he is innocent, his court case is still ongoing. 

He is known among his peers on the streets, to have a gentle, shy, and kind demeanor. He loves to sing and rap, and share his music. 

A generous man, he best known for often being seen giving fresh hair cuts to fellow nomads, which is where he and the Nomad Alliance found each other. 

He was cutting hair at the Islands, a commonly used space to set up camp. 

Having modeled professionally before, he was a delight to work with. He hopes to find more work in the industry. 

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