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Chandler, Arizona


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Cameron is a nomad in the truest sense of the word; he loves to travel and meet new people. After spending some time camping in Montana, the Arizona native was passing through Salt Lake when his truck broke down. It wasn’t long before he was living on the streets and at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake.

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Cameron regularly attends the Nomad Alliance’s Wednesday empowerment workshops. He joined us on our field trip to the lake last summer and has helped serve his community alongside our team. Cameron is funny, kind, sweet and generous. The chiseled 25-year-old has acquired a rare humility from overcoming his many challenges, which include a two-year addiction to methamphetamine, childhood trauma and years in foster care. He’s clean and sober now.
“None of us can do this alone,” he declares. “To survive, we have to help each other. I’ve learned that, no matter what, you’ve got to keep moving forward.” Besides having no place to shower or a way out of the elements, the hardest part about being homeless is watching other nomads tear each other down or struggle to stay safe, notes Cameron. Today, he does what he can to lift others up. But he also understands that not everyone who needs help has the courage to accept it. “I try very hard to help them,” he says, wistfully. “But lost souls go where lost souls go.”

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