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Los Angeles, California


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Charlie was born in Los Angeles, and went to Layton High School. He is an aspiring model and musician who is working to improve himself every day, and loves God. He graduated from the First Step Program, but has been living unsheltered, on a rooftop in Salt Lake City, for quite a while. He is a poet, songwriter and makes rap music.


"Pain is the Price you Pay,

to be Stronger Tomorrow, than you are Today."




If anybody's askin

If they have seen Mek

Tell em I'm Comin Soon

& That I can Seek Peace


A Struggling Addict That Done Fell out up on the Streets

Failure ant a Friend 

So I ain't 'Meetin Defeat


I Fell On my Face

& Crawled up, Onto my Knees

Slowly I Rise

Until I get onto my Feet


A Strugglin Addict That Done Fell out upon the Streets

If Anybody's Askin

If They Have Seen Mek



by Charlie Mek


To contact Charlie, hire him as a model, or help support his dreams of music and modeling, please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Charlie please Venmo us
@nomad_alliance (Business Venmo) with Charlie in the notes.
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