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Homeless Since

June 2018




Marathon, Florida


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Chris was born to a young white mother and a Puerto Rican father in Florida, but he was given up for adoption within a week of his birth. His adoptive father was in the military so his family moved many times while he was growing up. By the age of 20 Chris was building up to a pro-skating career in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had reached a level where he was in magazines he got to go places and never had to pay for anything, because he had sponsors. Even though Chris had reached a level where he was autographing magazines, the attention bothered him and made him feel uncomfortable.

Shortly after the grand opening of the All-American Sports Park Chris had an accident that shattered his wrist, and was prescribed pain pills that subsequently led to a heroin addiction. Chris was never interested in committing crimes to get drugs, but drug addicts are intelligent, and they do what they need to do to get what they need, no matter what.
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After Chris got into trouble the judge was lenient with him, offering probation only as an option. Chris's life was madness and he knew if he chose probation he would just bend angles and use the system to continue his addiction, using pain pills, or whatever else he could get his hands on. Chris chose to go to prison in order to clean up and get himself off the heroin.
Chris was released from prison in 2017 and shortly after his release, his mother passed away due to brain cancer.   They say "relapse is a part of recovery", this proved to be true for Chris as he had a couple of mishaps since his mother's passing. But Chris vows that he will do whatever he has to in order to keep moving forward; he will never let heroin take him to Hades again.
Chris has two children who live with their mothers in Nevada. He is glad that his children have good "square" mothers who aren't addicts.
“Any extreme sport is what is my first high now.
I’ll take that over drugs any day.”
Chris feels that becoming a certified mechanic so he can work on cars or Harley-Davidsons would be a good career move for him, but his real dream is to get a 20-in BMX Fit bike and start rebuilding a career to ride pro-BMX. He’d like to be a positive role model to kids, and help keep them on a better path from hanging out with the wrong crowds.
Chris is currently being housed in a Nomad Alliance micro house on the property of a team member, but we met him while he was staying at the men’s shelter (pictured in the background above). He has become an indispensable part of the team.
“They say you can’t love anybody if you don’t love yourself first, but I don’t believe that, I love a lot of people and I’m still working on loving myself. There is a balance to everything in life.”

To contact Chris, hire him as a model, help support his dream of aggressive in line skating and BMX street riding please call or text us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Chris so he can purchase aggressive in-line skates and a BMX bike please Venmo us @nomad_alliance (search under business) with "Chris D" in the notes.
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