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An exceptional case, this is Day, a 43 year old blind man who has been living on the streets for roughly 4 years. Day had a “really awesome childhood” and grew up on the same block he sleeps on now. His lost his eyesight at 14 years old for unknown reasons.

"I think God wanted me to become homeless so that I could appreciate what I have. I love God, and I think this is the best life I have ever had. God made me homeless so I could become more."
Day            10    8    2021 (116).JPG
Reluctant to take from charity because, “it probably comes from your own pocket”, he carries on him only the things he needs and sleeps where he lands at night. A self-proclaimed feral man, he loves God and believes He made him homeless so that he could become “more”. Living on the streets has been a learning and spiritual experience for him, and he is grateful. Incapable of being indoors for more than an hour, he chooses the streets. He is a rare gem of a human, and he loves to simply exist.
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"(Just before becoming homeless) I got busted for weed and thrown out of the house. A friend put me up in a motel for a couple years and I screwed that up. I screwed up a lot of things so, I am just trying to make things right. I have had to reevaluate my situation and do a lot better."
Day            10    8    2021 (8).JPG
I go indoors for about an hour, but then I have to go back out. It's just too much. I'm too feral. I got my house right here. Everything is good. I live on donations. If it wasn’t for people like you, I wouldn’t have anything. You and people like you make my life so beautiful, and I am so grateful.
Day            10    8    2021 (70).JPG
"It's really interesting. It’s cool. It’s really nice. I’ve learned a bunch of stuff, all kinds of things I wouldn’t have learned before. How to survive, how to do a lot of things. I don’t know where to start. I learned how to be a better person. I appreciate everything that I get, and how to stay clean without a shower, if you don’t have one."
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To contact Day, hire him as a model, or help support him in any way please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Day please Venmo us
@nomad_alliance (business Venmo) with Day in the notes.
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