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Giovanni was on the up and up. He had just gotten a promotion, was getting his own apartment, and all of a sudden “I’m back to zero.” One day in October 2020, he drove to a buddy’s house, parked in his apartment lot, and didn’t get out of his car for a week. He had Covid, and the fever knocked him out. When he showed back up at work, his employer said he quit and didn’t follow the proper procedure for sick leave. He was ineligible for pandemic unemployment. Soon he was living in his car, until his car was impounded for an expired license and insurance, with his entire life inside....

He was crushed, but resolved to do what he knew. He was a good fighter, with lots of experience. Upon meeting him, State Street Boxing Boxing Gym owner, Mario, invited him to manage the gym in exchange for staying on the property, allowing the pro boxers who need a place to stay in the middle of the night to be let in at any time by Giovanni. It was a win-win.
Giovanni has a 10 year old daughter he hasn’t been able to see in five years and he is resolved to get his life back together so he can be a good father to her. And while his parents have now passed, “I still go into the world every day representing them, to make them proud of how they raised me to be. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting up and getting dressed, but I still do because that’s the man they raised me to be.”
He is now working to reinvent himself, and dreams of producing music and boxing full time. “I know I look confident but I have a hard time around people.” But whether it’s boxing or hip hop or losing his social anxiety, I “never stop being a student.”

To contact Giovanni, hire him as a model, help support his dreams of music producing or boxing please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Giovanni please venmo us
@nomadalliance with Giovanni in the notes.
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