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Anchorage, Alaska


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Jon Stacy Hall was born May 9th, 1967 in Anchorage, Alaska.  He has been married for 21 years and has two children.  He is no stranger to hard work. He has worked his whole life in construction. He helped build the only worldwide wine cave and underground lava tube. He became homeless 2 years ago due to problems with his health causing him the inability to work, as well as a divorce. He has had 30 surgeries and broken 90 bones and still can't get disability. He’s faced constant medical discrimination because of his housing status, with pieces of his foot cut away time and again, the wrong antibiotic given, and refusal of a picc-line because of his homelessness, and yet prevention would have been a pound of cure. Because he wasn’t given rehab to learn how to walk after his big toe was amputated, in compensation, a foot bone is digging through the bottom of his foot each time he walks; it has become infected with gangrene. The institutions won’t give him a bed and a picc-line, even though it would save his life and he could heal and return back to work. The doctors have given him 2 months to live. He states the biggest trauma of living without a home is “you're surrounded by thousands of people but you're completely alone. People look at you like you're scum."  

“The cops hassle us day and night. They’ve now made a new law as no covers, a cover is defined as anything that keeps you out of the weather. And they’ll come by and tear it off you in the middle of a rainstorm. I’ve had it happen three times. Their idea of solving the homeless problem for the city is kill us, or force us to move. Go up and down the Jordan River there are tens of thousands camped out along the river. But salt lake advertises there is no homeless problem. What a lie.”

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