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Artesia, California


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With the face and body of a model, Kysa is originally from Artesia, California. He has lived in Utah for about 30 years – since he was a kid. 


During his childhood, Kysa’s dad abused him and fought with him. It was common for his dad to hit him. Kysa ran away. He says all this prepared him for life on the street. Kysa got married, and was living sober, but addiction took hold of him again. He was in inpatient treatment, then got sober in Florida.


When he returned to his wife sober, six years after their marriage, she said, “I don’t know where you’re going to stay, but you can’t stay here.” She gave him 10 minutes to pack up all his belongings. Kysa is working on getting off the street. He’s getting vouchers for ID, but he still struggles with addiction. He doesn’t believe that rehab is the only way back to sobriety and plans to work hard on getting sober, which he says will be key to getting off the street.

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Kysa is a father of four, including a daughter with a hearing disability. He has a kind and generous heart and wants to give back. His previous work includes time on a drilling rig for gas and oil, as well as construction work, especially with concrete. If he could do anything he wanted, he would like to start a non-profit. He’s not sure what kind, but he says the non-profits he’s seen for cancer patients and homeless people are good models.

Kysa’s words to live by are “Truth is truth.”

To contact Kysa, hire him as a model, help support him in any way, 
please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Kysa please Venmo us
@nomad_alliance (Business Venmo) with Kysa in the notes.
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