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Homeless Since

5 years, except for one month when he stayed with the Nomad Alliance Executive Director


Paradise Valley, Montana




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Born in a log cabin in Paradise, Montana, Luke led in idyllic life but began drinking young because there was little else to do in his small town. His first contact with the penal system when he blacked out and stole some belts when he was 20 catapulted him into recidivism, homelessness and addiction. When the Nomad Alliance first met him, he had built an apartment in the rafters of a freeway overpass, and began coming to the nomad empowerment workshops. After a brief stint in jail, during which he called the NA Executive Director every week, Kseniya invited him to live and cheaply rent a small basement room in the home she rented with others. He remained sober, kept a job at Zest NA had gotten him, and helped at nomad supply drives and other events until mental health issues and a relapse sent him back to the streets. He has recently gotten out of jail again, is intent on staying sober, and dreams of starting a workout program for his fellow unsheltered and a landscape and other businesses . He is a father to an eight year old little girl and loves her more than anything and wants to build a better life for himself that he can gift to her. He is a kind, beautiful human and wishes to save his fellow friends on the streets. He loves to longboard, snowboard, work out and be with his daughter.

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I’m 34 years old now, I’m a snowboarder, skateboarder, long boarder, mountain man, hiker, an activist, I’ve been studying taxation and law, and I’ve been on the streets for the last 5 years. 


I was born in a log cabin in Paradise Valley, MT. Grew up in the mountains and was trained in survival skills by the age of 6.  At the age of 7, I moved to Bozeman, MT and lived there until I was 17. I moved from Bozeman to San Diego, CA where I spent about a year. Then moved into the burrows of NYC and New Jersey, only stayed about a year there selling home security systems, before I ended up back in Laguna Beach, CA then moved from there to Park City, UT with a girl that I grew up with from Montana.


I spent 11 years in Park City and totally fell in love with it. I loved the Park City life, all I really wanted was to be a successful business owner, father and snowboarder, that is what I had pictured for my life, but during that time in Park City I managed to get myself into some trouble and ended up in prison for 18 months, it was a good thing that I really liked Utah, because I couldn’t have left the state, even if I wanted to.


When I first got out of prison, I stayed in the Inn Towne Suites for about 6 months, then I moved into an apartment that was above the Sailor Taylor Tattoo Shop. I was able to stay housed for about 15 months, but then eventually ended up in a tent city. 


Growing up my father owned a construction company, and my mom was a water aerobics instructor, who also worked part time at Macy’s, I think because she liked the employee discount. I was raised in a good family, but it seemed like there was no one around me that was actually sober, until I moved out of Bozeman. Because I was always around people using substances, I naturally picked it up, and have always struggled with addiction, throughout my teenage years I got multiple tickets for being a minor in possession of alcohol.


The first time I ever got arrested, was for shoplifting at a Zumiez, I was only 13 years old. At the age of 15, I got a ticket for having cocaine at a Sir Mix-a-lot concert in a bar. When I was a sophomore, I was bored in school and tired of being harassed by the cops, so I dropped out of school. After that a friend of mine told me about a 6 month military program that I ended up going to and graduated as the president of my class.

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