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Michael & Kendall

Sexy Nomad Calendar

Homeless Since

Off and on 10 years


34 & 9mo




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Brandee was 8.5 months pregnant living near some train tracks when the Nomad Alliance met her doing the Point in Time Count. Her partner and father to her baby, Michael had just gone to jail for misdemeanor warrants and scrapping metal for money. The Nomad Alliance gave her survival supplies, an ID voucher and the ED’s phone number, and before they could secure housing for this pregnant woman, Brandee texted that she’d lost her mucus plug. We immediately urged her to go to the hospital, and her water broke just as she was being discharged; Kendall was born! Within hours of a DCFS request for a meeting with her care team, the Nomad Alliance mobilized to find her two home-stay options and a full support team with transportation to boot. The Nomad Alliance raised their monthly rent, and when Michael got out of jail a few months later, instead of falling to the streets yet again, he moved in to complete the happy family. Born in Utah though raised also in Tennessee, Michael lost his mother to breast cancer when he was just ten, and with a father caught in the throes of drug addiction he was adopted by his aunt. He spent his teens in proctor homes and boys rach-type places for troubled teens. Like for his father, Michael’s biggest struggles has been addiction. His hopes and dreams were to be a father and he hopes now to do right by his and Brandee’s son, Kendall, the “sweetest little ham,” whose favorite things are his mom and going to Liberty Park to see his park family. 

Michael is “the sweetest little ham.” His favorite things are his mom or going to Liberty Park to see his park family. 

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