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Homeless Since

On and off since he was 11




Ogden, Utah


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Mossi had a rough upbringing. Though he doesn’t like to “out his dad” or repeat his trauma, he admits his Vietnam vet, paramilitary father “did enough to f* him up.” After his mother died when he was 11, he spent the rest of his life living on and off the streets. Being on the streets has been a form of freedom for Mossi; though he’s been approved for housing, he’s been incarcerated so many times he can’t stand behind inside a room or surrounded by walls. He's currently being for cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. He loves building bikes and dreams of seeing his kids again and having a family.

"Being on the streets is a form of freedom."

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"I don't want to out my dad, but he did enough to fuck me up." 


Mossi had a difficult upbringing, his Vietnam vet dad had his own demons and took it out on his son. And though he doesn't like to talk about it or "out [his] dad" he admits his father did enough to mess him up. When his mother died when he was 11 years old, he spent the rest of his life on and off the streets and in and out of foster care until he aged out.


Though he has been approved for housing, he's been incarcerated so many times he can't stand being inside a room. But the streets and trauma have caught up to him. He's being treated for Stage 4 cancer with chemotherapy.

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