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Homeless Since

6 Years




San Diego, CA


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A humble young man with piercing blue eyes, Nathan was born in North Carolina but has been a Utah native since his mom followed a missionary to Utah when he was five years old. Later adopted by his stepfather who abused him physically, mentally and emotionally, with a mom hooked on opiates, he was top of his class until the eighth grade when he fell behind moving schools. But the loss of his grandfather followed closely by his mother, and losing his job six years ago sent Nathan, in his heartbreak, straight to the streets. Recently his fiance went to jail, to only be released next July, and he is “stuck in limbo; you get used to being homeless with them, used to them being with you all the time, 24/7. It’s as though she has died. I’m going through depression. My mental health isn’t good; I already have severe depression, manic bipolar, borderline personality disorder, I really can’t hold down a job.” He wants to get clean, but wants to wait and do it together with his love. He says there is a “double standard people have that you can do it sober. Because it’s really hard; you have people stealing from you constantly, people always threatening you. You live outside the law, you know.  You can’t call the cops and they’ll be there right away to help you. You can’t be anywhere, you can’t use the bathroom or hang out [somewhere] because you have nowhere to be.” Nathan loves music, and tapping out beats, a true drummer inside who never got the chance to learn how to play. 

Nathan wants to open a drug treatment / youth home for kids on the streets or those at risk of being on the streets, a therapeutic community where kids from abusive homes work through their problems. 

“I want to write music and change the world, to make it better.”


“I got to do something different and I learned I had a new talent. I’ve always had a negative view of myself that I’m not as good looking as other people, but you and the photographer saying you’re killing it, it uplifted me. I’m kinda now seeing what my fiance says. It was fun.” 

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