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Don the Nomadic Mechanic

Don turns your car "on." Hire this nomadic mechanic to come fix your car on your driveway, for a fraction of the price of any auto shop. With 40 years of experience, Don can do any job, big or small, including diagnosis, oil changes and other maintenance, brake repair and more.

Nomadic Mechanic

The Nomad Alliance is promoting entrepreneurship and quality income to lift nomads permanently off the streets. Our newest venture is the Nomadic Mechanic, a travel mechanic service by a recently-unsheltered mechanic with 40 years of experience. People have loved the convenience of having someone work on their car on their driveway, the safety of not sitting in a Covid-laden auto shop waiting room, quality work at a fraction of normal prices, and that in hiring Don, they are helping a beautiful human help himself and into permanent housing. 


Have your mechanic come to you and work on your car in the convenience of your driveway. No need to wait in crowded waiting rooms

Money Saving

One of Don's clients saved $2,000, others hundreds. Some were able to go back to work with fixed transportation. Win-win!

Quality You Can Trust

With 40 years experience coupled with a good, honest heart, you can trust Don to fix your car but not screw you. With trust, Don turns your car on!

Text 801-688-3197 to book Don!

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