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The Nomad Alliance, a group of citizens uniting to improve the lives of our friends on the street, responds to viral video of snow covered blind man found outside the doors of a shelter last night by providing blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, hot chocolate, coffee, and most importantly, hugs and humanity, tonight at 6:30pm in front of the St. Vincents de Paul / Weigand Center.

While last year our nonprofit handed out thousands of tents, as of about three months ago, the city and state Health Department have escalated their abatements, wiped out all signs of large camps and are now criminalizing any tent structures within city limits. Prohibition of camping prevents even the basest of shelters, a tent, from keeping one alive. The incessant abatements and lack of adequate shelter beds makes death not just possible, but likely.

Mayor Mendenhall herself admits the city lacks 300 shelter beds for the demand. We say this number is most likely increased by a magnitude of ten. People are dying. Can't you hear their shivers, their cries, their pleas for shelter and a space of their own?

Last week, during the first snowstorm, the Nomad Alliance did the same outreach in front of St. Vincents de Paul / Weigand Center, distributing hot chocolate, coffee, blankets, sleeping bags, cookies donated by Great Harvest and warmth offered by a propane heater, gifted hand sanitizer, and many hugs. Please catch our Fox13 news story here.

In juxtaposition to our city, county and state leaders' inhumanity, the Nomad Alliance responds by providing warmth and humanity again, tonight.

Please join us at 6:30pm at the Weigand.

When: December 16th, 2021, 6:30pm

Where: St. Vincents de Paul / Weigand Center

What: Distribution of blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, hot coffee, chocolate and love

Please contact Kseniya at 801-688-3197 for more information or to participate.

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