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Tricky grew up homeless and in an abusive environment, ending up in foster care at 15 years old. The following year, after bouncing around to different families, he enrolled in the federal government’s Job Corps program, receiving his GED, carpentry and later, welding trade training, and has worked as a diesel mechanic. Tricky is also a vet that served in the Army Reserve. After a bout of homelessness, Tricky reunited with his mom at a shelter, and she passed not long after. During most of his life, he worked 70 hours a week and was very successful, but after an injury on the job, he couldn’t perform the same work he was doing due to limited abilities and medical debt resulted in bad credit and an eviction. He’s looking for an agency that will help him get things cleared off his credit and has requested his service records so he can get additional education for his dream career, to become an extract artist and get a processing license for cannabis. He is an activist proud of his work with the Cannabis Coalition circle, where he marched to the capital and presented a speech: “Drugs are tools - it’s more about how you use them; people from all walks of life use.” Tricky thinks “they can be used not abused.”

“Drugs are tools- it’s more about how you use them;
people from all walks of life use”


 From a young age, Tricky has had numerous experiences of being and living on the streets. Tricky did not have a stable home environment; his father was an alcoholic and had a violent mannerism that he directed towards Tricky’s mother. Tricky’s Mother was raised through the foster care system and had a rough upbringing herself; to include medical problems and a bipolar diagnosis. Tricky and his Mother would stay together in shelters, though when Tricky was about 15 years old, his mother and her experiences with mental instability and medical concerns would eventually take her on another path away from Tricky. 


Tricky and his half brother would end up in different places/programs over time. At the young age of 16, after Tricky found himself held in the foster care system, he would enter into the Job Corp program, which was paid through the Federal Government. Tricky enrolled in the two year program (max-time of program). He completed about 23 months of the program; completing the carpentry program and he got his GED because he could not officially graduate and complete the program until he was 18 years old. Tricky then applied and got a second trade in welding. 

One story that Tricky recalls shifting his young life, was when a man found him in the snow one day while he was living on the streets. It was at this encounter, this man ended up calling Tricky “stupid”... This man then assisted Tricky in getting some help and helped him find his mother, whom he had been separated from due to both Tricky and her living on the streets. A year later, Tricky’s mother had passed. 


Tricky has had several experiences throughout his life that have brought him great joy and passion; “throughout his life he has worked 70 hours a week, traveling around the country and been very successful in his life.” He also was in the Army Reserve and served for two years. Though due to an accident at work, he is no longer able to perform the same work he was doing due to limited abilities.

Tricky’s biggest hurdle currently, varies from getting some financial counseling because he has typically paid cash for everything and had good credit-though getting out of the hospital, he owes $30k and now has an eviction on his credit.” He is looking for agencies that will work together to get things cleared off his credit. 

Tricky’s vision for his life includes getting additional vocational training and education to look at a career shift. For this he desires to get enrolled back into school. Through more education on proper ways to manage self employment, Tricky feels he is able to make a bigger impact in his life and the community. He is also calling in the caseworkers at the VA specifically to assist him in requesting his service records.


Tricky has an Uncle who would change careers every 10 years and Tricky enjoys this mindset and is looking into his dream career, which is to get a processing license for cannabis and work as an extract artist. Tricky is aware that in order to complete this dream career, he is going to need some additional team members, such as an RN/MD and is calling those individuals in. 


Tricky would also enjoy expressing his creative side by getting better at his glass art. Tricky would still like to do some mechanical work as well, as it was not that long ago, he was working as a diesel mechanic. 


One thing Tricky is most proud of is being a part of a Cannabis Coalition circle and marching up to the capital and presenting a speech. “Drugs are tools- it’s more about how you use them; people from all walks of life use” and Tricky has seen this with various drugs, including prescription drugs, throughout his life. Tricky thinks “they can be used not abused.” 

To hire Tricky as a mechanic, or as a model for your project, please contact the Nomad Alliance.

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