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Wolf has lived on the streets for nearly a decade after chronic pain from a fractured spine and back fusion coupled with housing problems sent him to the streets. The Nomad Alliance met him when he was living in an unsanctioned campground in a man’s yard in Rose Park. Wolf is currently in the hospital for a life-threatening infection. While his childhood was full of fishing and camping, he says his father “did beat every lesson into me every day, asshooping time.” Wolf has a TBI, a brain tumor, memory loss, ADHD and dyslexia; the day of his shoot he couldn’t crouch due to an infected brown recluse bite on his leg which turned into a MRSA infection. Wolf has applied for disability benefits, despite the Social Security board attesting he cannot work, the judge overruled and said he needed to get a sit down job, “which for a back fusion patient is one of the hardest things to do. I’m out here dying on these streets.” And while Wolf spends each day in immense chronic pain, he is a truly amazing artist. Wolf makes beautiful tiny worlds, living creations, out of bits of moss and twigs, whatever he can find – worlds fit for a fairy. He’ll be selling his delicate creations at the Nomad Talent Showcase on November 30th. Wolf has been a friend of NA over three years, since they met at an unsanctioned campground in a man’s yard in Rose Park, and has been there for the founder during hard times, has come to nearly every Nomad Supply Drive, and has advocated for better treatment for his people.  

To hopefully be someone people will emulate and could look up to and count on .. and be there for somebody when they need them.

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