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Nomad Alliance 2 Year Anniversary and 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar Launch Party

The Nomad Alliance is celebrating its 2 Year “Nomad-versary” and launching it's 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar, with an autograph signing by the models, Monday 5-9pm at Zest Kitchen and Bar, SLC.

Posing for the Nomad Calendar definitely gave me a confidence boost and ego boost. I’m so self-conscious about my looks but you helped me see that even though I felt ugly, that I was still attractive.”— Javier Johnson, 2022 Sexy Nomad Calendar model

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2022/ -- Nomad Alliance 2 Year Anniversary and 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar Launch Party

What: The Nomad Alliance is celebrating its 2 Year “Nomad-versary” and launching it's 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar. The 15 gorgeous, unsheltered models will be there to sign your copy!

When: December 12, 2022 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Where: Zest Kitchen & Bar, 275 S 200 W Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Why: Nomad Alliance is celebrating two years of assisting thousands of the chronically unsheltered people living on the streets of Salt Lake County. The Nomad Alliance 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar will be officially launched to demonstrate that every human being, regardless of current circumstance, is worthy of admiration, dignity and respect, with the models signing autographs.

Who: Nomad Alliance

The Nomad Alliance is a revolutionary 501(c)(3) of concerned citizens providing a one-stop mobile resource for the chronically unsheltered in Salt Lake County. We unconditionally open arms, hearts, and ears to all people. We offer love, respect, and dignity. We forge a family.

From supplying clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals, haircuts, hot showers plus legal and online support via monthly and bi-monthly massive Nomad Supply Drives, to being the first to offer mass DMV appointments with free ID vouchers to the unsheltered, to the first to house people in micro-home communities in Utah, the Nomad Alliance helps boost self-esteem and provides the resources needed to survive and escape homelessness.

Details: For a $40 donation, you’ll receive a copy of a calendar featuring 15 gorgeous unsheltered men daring the world to see them, complete with bios, QR codes to their personal webpages where you can learn more about them and see more photos from their shoot. Half of the donations toward the calendar will fund the work of the Nomad Alliance so we can continue to spread love and meet the needs of our people on the streets, and half is put into a pot to be split among the 15 paid models!

The Nomad Alliance will be picking up the 15 Sexy Nomad Calendar models to take them to get showers, haircuts, and dress in donated suits Monday morning; they will be signing your copy of the calendar throughout the evening.

Last year’s models will also be attending, so bring your 2022 inaugural calendar to get it signed for a memento!

Sexy Nomad Calendars make great Christmas gifts, and our nomad tribe will be there to wrap yours for you, so you have one less thing to worry about this Christmas.

Please come and celebrate with us, enjoy live DJs, gluten-free and sugar-free and delicious appetizers by Zest, meet the tribe and models and learn how you can get more involved to end the homeless epidemic as we know it!

Special thanks to:

Zest Kitchen & Bar for hosting this Sexy Nomad Calendar Launch Party and for hiring four of our nomads, including our late Megan Mohn and Luke, our 2023 Sexy Nomad Calendar model.

Zhon Johansen for doing 15 photoshoots and editing the gorgeous photos;

Matthias Busche, KrautCreative, for designing the calendar and everyone who helped write bios, find and interview models, and all of you for donating so you can have a calendar of your very own!

The calendar sponsors: Shawn Fox / Natural Fox Tribe, Kate Conyers, Stephen WashGreat Harvest Bread Co. - Holladay, Jed Anderson / Stock Roll Corporation of America, FanWrap, Zest Kitchen & Bar, Allyson Smith of, Harrison Smith of, the Law Office of Brent J Huff, Edwin Wall, Tom Rollins, Sarah Lind and Silense, our 2022 Sexy Nomad Calendar model now sober and fully employed, being trained as a foreman to run his own team soon!

And a huge thank you to the models for saying yes, to our epic Nomad tribe and the following DJs:

Jim Stone

Kolby Bodrero

Joshua Mellowseed Storey

Karsten Jensen

And to our calendar model G3 who will be DJ’ing as well as performing an original rap!

We’re so excited to see you, and present to you the most beautiful piece of humanizing art that has ever been created!

About the Nomad Alliance:

Nomad Alliance is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit group of concerned citizens working together with private and public partners to end homelessness and offer hope, by providing warmth, nourishment, shelter, employment, healing, legal aid, connection and advocacy to the chronically unsheltered ("nomad") population. Nomad Alliance is a one-stop mobile resource for the chronically unsheltered in Salt Lake County. Our bi-monthly and monthly supply drives offer everything from clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals to haircuts, hot showers, legal and online support. Our unique mass DMV appointments and free ID vouchers obtain necessary identification so people can get jobs, stimulus checks, or apply for housing and Medicaid services. Our microhome communities showed this state that housing people can be easier, cheaper and more successful than we’ve ever thought.

Kseniya Kniazeva Nomad Alliance

Executive Director +1 801-688-3197 Visit us on social media: Facebook

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