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Nomad Alliance "Lets Build A Bigger Table" Unsheltered Supply Drive and Holiday Banquet.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, December 4, 2022/ -- Event: "Lets Build A Bigger Table" Holiday Banquet.

What: We are providing food, clothes and other needed services to hundreds of unsheltered people and their families. The Banquet is a sit down dinner that includes 12 Turkeys and a vast array of other donated food and beverages.

The Supply Drive will be supplying clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals, haircuts, hot showers plus legal and online support.

In addition a free Tablet and service with a $20 activation fee is being provided by MAXSIP TELECOM.

When: December 4, 2022 at 3:30 PM.

Where: Greyhound Station, 300 South 600 West

Why: According to Utah State auditors "... the number of unsheltered individuals has also grown nearly 200% since 2016". 77 families with hundreds of children could not find shelter 2 months ago and need food and clothing to survive the freezing Utah nights.

Who: Nomad Alliance Org.

Nomad Alliance Org. strongly believes the Government is not doing enough to provide adequate shelter, food, clothing and medical supplies to our Unsheltered community. Nomad Alliance Executive Director, Kseniya Kniazeva adds, “Just last month one of our team members saw a family with four or five children, all under 11, setting up a camp outside a human resource center. The mother looked shell shocked, newly homeless, carrying their life processions in a plastic wagon. This is not okay.”

Kniazeva continues: "Lets all work together as a community to build a bigger table that serves our most vulnerable unsheltered people. Our Supply Drive last month served food and distributed warm clothing to close to 500 unsheltered people and their children. There was such a large demand we ran out of food. The Utah Government has increased the number of beds for the unsheltered but its not nearly enough. We rely on our dedicated volunteers and depend solely on private donations since we receive no Government funding."

About Nomad Alliance

Nomad Alliance is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit group of concerned citizens working together with private and public partners to end homelessness and offer hope, by providing warmth, nourishment, shelter, employment, healing, legal aid, connection and advocacy to the chronically unsheltered ("nomad") population. Nomad Alliance is a one-stop mobile resource for the chronically unsheltered in Salt Lake County. Our bi-monthly and monthly supply drives offer everything from clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals to haircuts, hot showers, legal and online support. Our historic mass DMV appointments and free ID vouchers obtain necessary identification so people can get jobs, stimulus checks, or apply for housing and medicaid services.


Kseniya Kniazeva

Executive Director Nomad Alliance +1 801-688-3197 email us

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