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Our Origins

Welcome to the nomad resource center where we work together to heal, warm, clothe and support our nomad community so they can finally get back on their feet.

News of the city's decimation of SLC settlements, and the bulldozing and trashing of their tents and life possessions broke the founder's heart so on 12/11 at 2:33 she made one Facebook post.

Within 24 hours we had one truckload filled to the brim with donations, a feat one nomad woman said was the most help she had seen anyone provide in her decade of living on the streets.

But she hadn’t seen nothing yet!

Because of all of you,

sharing, donating supplies and money, and compassion, such deep deep compassion...

....within the next 24 hours we had amassed ten truck and carloads of supplies - from new winter boots to camp stoves to enough sleeping bags that for the first time a team member said the entire community had their own sleeping bag.

It was a magical feat of the community coming together in unprecedented ways, something Salt Lake City had never seen before.

At the launching of this blog, a few short months after our first supply drive, we have executed 11 massive nomad supply drives, disseminating countless tents, blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, tarps, firewood bowls of hot soup and cups of hot chocolate.

We have served countless breakfasts.

We fed every single nomad settlement in one Feed Every Nomad day.

We helped one young former foster kid get into gainful employment.

We've organized a workshop teaching self defense, employment skills, and meditation.

We have supported nomads with their medical needs and emergencies, facilitated the obtaining of IDs, placed the unsheltered in shelter, and have helped move abatements.

We have lobbied our local government to stop the abatements, organize regular trash pickup at tent settlements, and, most importantly, rezone land so we can create a tiny nomad village.

And, we have launched a GoFundMe Charity drive to raise money for exactly that, a village dedicated to a nomad who died trying to keep warm on the streets. A village that promotes community, self sufficiency, permaculture, apprenticeships and more. A village that houses. A village that warms.

[We are currently organizing a viewing, cremation and "in celebration of life" event for Brandy, the woman who will leave a legacy as the impetus behind "Brandy's Village." Please donate to the GoFundMe Charity fundraiser to pay for these costs and leave some money for her partner whose life was miraculously spared in a tragic accident of carbon monoxide poisoning while keeping warm on a cold, winter night.]

But mostly, we have gifted love.

And laughter.

We go out weekly on Sundays and have events planned throughout the week! Please donate gently used items at drop offs all over Northern Utah. Please reach out to us

Please make a tax-deductible donation so we can purchase essentials like tents, tarps, sterno stoves, and more.

Also, please follow us via our Facebook page the Nomad Alliance to see photos, updates, and live videos of our impact as it's happening.

It takes a village. Let's create one. Thanks for bolstering one.

- the Nomad Alliance

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