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July 2020




Salt Lake City, Utah


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Handsome Christopher hails from Salt Lake City. He came here at birth in 1984. Of Black, Mexican, and Japanese ancestry, Christopher says his dad did it smart by getting him his citizenship and an English name when he came into the world. Christopher says he lived in a rich neighborhood and took advantage of all it had to offer, attending his local school and joining the Boy Scouts. He also lived for some time in Mexico, near Aztec ruins and loves Aztec culture.

Unfortunately, Christopher struggles with mental health and addiction and robbed a bank. He was convicted in federal court because bank robbery is a federal offense. As Utah has no federal holding facility, he served his sentence in California. He was released to the streets, during Covid, with $36 and nothing else.
christopher 5.tiff
Despite his hard experience, Christopher has a giving soul. He says he hates seeing the splitting of homeless people into two groups: the addicted and the non-addicted, and views this as a form of profiling. He also thinks that people with addictions are stigmatized compared with other people who engage in risky activities such as hang-gliding.
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"It's a dream come true. I never like thought that I'm beautiful. I've been told I'm handsome here or there but I'd never taken it too serious, but this gave me a little hope and a little thrive to push a little harder in life. So thank you." 

christopher 19.tiff
Christopher puts a priority on giving back. He wants to become a social worker to help others who struggle. His motto is “Pay it forward.”
christopher 30.tiff
Christopher is currently squatting in an abandoned building, where these photos were taken. He is actively working to improve his life. 
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To contact Christopher, hire him as a model, help support his dreams of going to school please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Christopher please Venmo us
@nomad_alliance (Business Venmo) with "Christopher R" in the notes.
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