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The work of the Nomad Alliance has been featured in print and broadcast news on multiple occasions. Please read and watch and see how we're making an impact in our unsheltered community.

Deseret News

Our first news record came from the Deseret News, click here to read the article. Article link forthcoming.

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In Focus Discussion, Providing Mobile Services to the Unsheltered

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) Apr 15, 2021 -- Utah’s homeless population is made up of diverse individuals who are spread out in different areas of the state. A number of them aren’t always near or able to access services that are meant to assist them, as we saw with this week’s clearing of the homeless camp on SLC’s Fleet Block. Wednesday’s IN FOCUS discussion highlights agencies and organizations that go to where the unsheltered population is to provide resources they may need.

Kseniya Kniazeva, Founder of the Nomad Alliance talks about where the concept for her organization came from, the services they provide, how they determine which locations they go to, and how the idea of nomads applies to Utah’s unsheltered population.


Click HERE to read the rest of the article on ABC4 Utah.

IN FOCUS Discussion: Listening to the Unsheltered

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) May 13, 2021 – Tackling Salt Lake County’s homeless crisis has been a passionate debate for years. There are expenses. There are barriers. There are a number of stakeholders including business owners, city and state officials, and residents of neighborhoods where serviced are offered. But how do unsheltered residents feel about what’s being done to help provide housing, jobs, and other resources to them? And what do advocates with boots on the ground and the city think their top needs are?

Debra Evans, who is currently living unsheltered in Salt Lake City joined ABC4’s Glen Mills for an IN FOCUS discussion about her experiences. She shared how she ended up unsheltered, how often she has to move from place to place, what she feels would make her life on the streets easier, and what she wants the public to know about the unsheltered population.

Kseniya Kniazeva, the founder of Nomad Alliance talked about her organization, how they help people like Evans, what most people don’t know about the unsheltered population, why homeless shelters don’t work from some individuals, what impacts unsheltered residents the most, and what she would say to the numerous groups (governmental, contracted, and volunteer programs) about the needs of the unsheltered population.

Watch the full news broadcast HERE.

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Unsheltered mother gifted tiny home before the birth of twins

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) June 7, 2021 – A survivor of domestic violence and an expectant mother-to-be was gifted a “tiny home” in hopes to promote stability and security as she welcomes a set of twins this year.

According to Nomad Alliance, a support and advocacy group for the unsheltered, a woman was gifted a home to better support her new family and support her as she transitions into safer living conditions.

To read original article and watch the news footage please click HERE.

PHOTOS: Protesters slam Mendenhall, city for dump truck removal of homeless camp

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV)  April 3, 2021— Protesters on Friday rallied against Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and other officials after the city used 15 dump trucks to clear out a downtown homeless encampment.

Tractors were seen picking up the belongings of those in the camp and loading them into the dump trucks.

Photos of our team members Poppy and Kelly Henry are included in article slideshow.

To see the photos and read the article please click HERE.

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