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Homeless Since

Unknown? November 2003




Primorski, Russia


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Adopted from an orphanage in Russia at 4 years old, Kent was raised in Arizona and Utah by a stable, religious home. Despite a fairly typical childhood, his parents sent him to juvenile behavior programs at 11, where he spent the rest of his childhood.

"I know that talking about it can make it better for the homeless, and help the people trying to understand these shallow waters that are in this homeless situation." 


After a friend took his own life at 18, Kent’s mental health became a bigger issue. Differences with his parents about his identity and part in the LGBTQ community and other things led to abandonment.

kent 6.tiff
At 18 he found himself homeless, and turned to the VOA. During this time he lost his best friend in a shooting, developed addictions to cope with trauma, and became HIV positive. He is now 24 years old, getting an apartment, and is an aspiring photo journalist, poet, and writer, with a strong love of freestyling and singing.
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"I crave connecting with artists and intellectuals and

those who want to make the world a better place."

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"I guess I could say I can blend in if I have to, and I am a chameleon.
I have lots of interests, but ultimately, I am going to be who I am."

To contact Kent, hire him as a model, or help support his dreams of photography, writing, & music, please call us via our numbers below. 

To donate directly to Kent please Venmo us
@nomad_alliance (Business Venmo) with Kent in the notes.
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