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Homeless Since

5 Years




Ogden, UT


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Moss has been homeless for five years. He was married for 14 years, though he and his wife were together 26. They have four children together. But then they got divorced and he had to sell their home. He then moved in with his parents and couch surfed or stayed in motels before falling to the streets. The biggest barrier to getting off the streets for Moss is the lack of a stable place. “You need a place to get off the streets.” He wants to re-enter the job force and is open to anything, warehouse work, washing buses, whatever would help him climb out of homelessness. Moss loves to fish and all things sports, both playing and spectating. Moss values loyalty and respect. He’s a talented rapper and will be performing in the Nomad Talent Showcase on November 30th with an original rap about his lived experience. 

“I dream of being back in my kids’ lives and hopefully one day they’ll be proud of me.”

“We’re not all thieves and liars and drug addicts. We’re are human still. Don’t reat us different because we have a backpack on.”

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