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Forty-four year old Tony is an active volunteer with the Nomad Alliance and often mixes music at the nomad supply drives, our clothing and resource fairs. In the 90’s, as a DJ he started a shop that was an integral part of growing the rave scene in Salt Lake City. Growing up, his family was fairly well off, and owned a successful business installing power poles. His life was once happy and included vacations, Disney trips, and family gatherings. His experience on the streets began shortly after his father passed away roughly 11 years ago. The loss broke him and he turned to drinking. He lost everything, and soon found himself in trouble with the law after repeated drinking and driving charges. After serving time in prison, he has struggled to reintegrate back into society. He enjoys his union job, working to set up stages for events. It’s flexible with good pay. He has a strong work ethic and is someone people come to for advice and assistance. His biggest struggle has been to establish security and safety, knowing that he is safe to leave his belongings to go to work, that they can’t be taken at any time while he is gone. The inability to provide a permanent residence with the state and comply with parole has been a big challenge and is part of what has kept him cycling in and out of prison for years. He aspires to take classes and get certifications in technology. He dreams of having the ability to mix and share his music, at larger music events again, and traveling. His passion for music and his love for his dog are what keep him going. Currently he lives self-sufficiently, and says has everything he needs. While he is proud of himself for what he has and can do, Tony lives in fear that the city will throw it all away if they find it. Tony has been happy to serve with the Nomad Alliance because of the connections, opportunities, and resources that he now has more access to. “The Nomad Alliance has helped with everything. I give them time and they help me with so many things, making sure I have everything I need!”

“The scariest part of all this is knowing at any moment you could lose everything, again and again. It’s always looking over your shoulder.”

“Music takes my mind away from the negativity that has built up. It numbs the pain.”

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